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tires specs

Size,construction and speed rating.
Rating is the approximate speed a tire can safely maintain over time .The higher the rating ( A is the lowest and Y is the highest ),the better.the handling and control. however,a higher speed rating may result in a shorter tread life.Check with your car maker for the proper speed rated tire for your model.

type of tires

ALL SEASON TIRES cost effective tire offer a smooth ride, long tread wear and adequate traction on dry and wet conditions. PERFORMANCE TIRE all season tires typically offer better handling and braking that regular all season tires. SUMMER TIRES the softer rubber provides maximum traction on dry and wet roads in warmer weather. WINTER TIRES tread is designed for snow and ice; rubber can with stand freezing temps.

Perfect tires for your vehicle

when selecting tires consider:weather conditions you commonly drive in the worst weather,situations you could expect to face,where you usually drive city streets,highways,etc; and your driving style. Always make sure select tires that are appropriate based on your owner's manual and your tires distributor's recommendation

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